August 2012

Has technology finally caught up with the speed of thought in advertising design?
Due to the availability of free open-source applications it has become apparent that online gaming, social networks and mobile technology, AI, immersive computing and AR have taken precedent over what an earlier advertising generation has grown accustomed to as reliable and effective communication; which was only measurable by its bottom line. Thus, often times traditional advertisers end up looking more like used car salesmen than purveyors of a brand or product that enriches the customer experience.  The adoption of emerging technologies including online plus mobile real-time social applications within popular social media networks has been a double-edged sword enabling marketers to retain instantly measurable data and a detailed view of a mass target market; Yet, on the same token this data has only been able to provide market researchers with how much consumers purchase at the tail-end of a national campaign, not their intentions.

So can these developments help measure true intention and facilitate new fundraising opportunities for NGO’s in a digital world? This paper explores the creation of a fundraising application driven by a thoughtful integrated marketing campaign that can provide a glimpse in to personal motivation, a prerequisite for civic engagement.